Long and Short-Term Cycles of Learning

Long-Term Cycles

Children's learning does not proceed simply through a hierarchical set of learning steps as we once believed. There is, of course, an important hierarchy of learning across all domains of children's development that helps teachers evaluate children's progress and plan appropriate activities. We now know that a dynamic system of learning exists in which learning transforms itself over time in a series of short and long-term cycles. This dynamic system allows children to learn and re-learn in increasing complexity.

Long Term Cycles of Learning

Short-Term Cycles

The short-term cycles of this dynamic system occur in daily learning experiences, while the long-term cycles take place over a period of years. Piramide has been strategically designed to optimize the dynamics of both short and long-term cycles. Piramide projects are designed in a long-term cycle that takes place over a period of three years. Children learn and re-learn at increasingly higher levels as they re-encounter familiar concepts and skills. For example, in the project that focuses on the season of autumn and the children's development of Temporal Orientation there are three levels of learning over the long-term cycle:

Short Term Cycles of Learning

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