Piramide Approach Professional Development Opportunities

Create your own in-house solution for integrating Piramide in your classroom(s) and providing ongoing support as teachers implement the Piramide Approach to Learning.  Onsite, group sessions provide real-time collaboration and dialog in the context of your program practices.  Onsite support from a Piramide Mentor-Coach provides individualized observation, demonstration, and consultation to strengthen classroom implementation. The following sessions are available upon request.  For more information, contact Gillian Gansler at 404-325-2225 or ggansler@qassist.com.

The Piramide Approach: An Overview of Piramide Cornerstones & Distancing Process (One Day)
The Piramide Approach is an intriguing, intentional approach and methodology to help adults broaden and deepen children's thinking and learning. Learn about Piramide's Four Cornerstones: Nearness, Distance, Initiative of the Child, and Initiative of the Teacher. You will be introduced to Piramide's Four-Step Distancing Process—a path practitioners follow as they plan learning experiences to move children's thinking and learning from concrete to more abstract understanding.

Broadening and Deepening Young Children's Thinking & Learning Experiences:  An Introductory Training for Early Childhood Practitioners (Four Days)
The Piramide Approach is a framework that allows early care and education (ECE) professionals to improve the intentionality of their teaching. Classroom practitioners are taught to use specific, age-appropriate methods for guiding young learners to much deeper content understandings. Piramide promotes learning from the concrete to the more abstract. In doing so, the Piramide Approach ensures children's concrete understandings – meaning their physical, sensory, hands-on knowledge – are stable, as well as extending their thinking to concepts that are more abstract or "in the mind." These abstract understandings are a vital foundation for school success, especially in math, science, language development and critical thinking.

Interactive Storytelling - Broadening and Deepening through Children's Literature (Two Days)
Interactive Storytelling uses Piramide's Four-Step Distancing Process with children's literature to intentionally broaden and deepen children's understanding of story concepts and ideas. Discover how to create developmentally appropriate strategies for using children's literature to facilitate children's learning from the concrete to the abstract.

Onsite Implementation Technical Assistance and Support
Piramide Early Learning Specialists provide onsite observation, demonstration and consultation to strengthen classroom implementation of the Piramide Approach. The Piramide Early Learning Specialists can also provide a 360 degree approach to quality assessment that includes classroom observations, teacher interviews and administrative reflections.

Quality Assist has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102; (703) 506-3275. Quality Assist is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for Piramide training.

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