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Piramide Founder - Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk

Dr. Jef J. van Kuyk

In the nineties the Netherlands experienced an unprecedented influx of immigration that resulted in large numbers of children arriving at school unprepared for success.

Cito, one of the world's largest and most respected testing and measurement companies, challenged educational psychologist Dr. Jef van Kuyk to develop a learning approach that would prepare young children for school readiness. This approach needed to be effective for children of all abilities - ranging from those needing intense language and developmental support to those with advanced skills in thinking and learning.

Dr. van Kuyk's extensive research into proven theory, efficacious practice, and current data about the ways in which the brain learns best resulted in the development of The Piramide Approach to Learning. This approach, used widely in the Netherlands, is now available to teachers and children around the world. Independent studies have shown that The Piramide Approach to Learning delivers exceptional results, especially in the areas of language and mathematics.


What if we honor the way children learn best?

What if every child feels safe and secure every minute of every day?

What if learning emerges from the authentic interests of children?

What if free play is respected as important and necessary?

What if teachers ensure success for each child by individualizing learning through proactive, interactive and reactive strategies?

What if children intentionally choose activities with specific learning goals?

What if all of these things are possible for young children?

They are…

Inside a Piramide Classroom


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